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Published on 02/27/2023

Literacy Delaware Announces the Addition of New Board Member Kathleen Seeman

Kathleen Seeman, MEd, is an award winning reading and dyslexia specialist who has spent her career working with non-readers in classroom settings and private practice creating successful programming and having a 100% success rate with teaching children to read. Kathleen was early to apply Positive Psychology in classrooms, spawning a local movement and speaks globally and the effects of Reading Trauma.

Seeman is an advocate, lobbyist and community organizer who is passionate about reducing Delaware’s illiteracy rate as well as the nations. She founded the Delaware Reading Summit and brought together the state’s stakeholders to build consensus around the Science of Reading. As a lobbyist, Ms. Seeman testified in front of the Senate and House Education Committees to help ensure several pieces of key reading legislation were passed and currently works with other states to create successful Science of Reading legislative campaigns. 

Ms. Seeman is currently working on recreating the state of Mississippi’s successful implementation of their Science of Reading bills by creating a Proof of Concept working model in partnership with a city of Wilmington school.

Believing that literacy is the great equalizer, Literacy Delaware advances literacy through training, tutoring, English language acquisition and advocacy for all Delawareans. Since 1983, Literacy Delaware has trained volunteers to tutor adults with low literacy or English language skills. For more information on Literacy Delaware’s services, visit www.literacydelaware.org or call 302.658.5624.