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English Conversation Group

Published on 08/23/2022

Our Sussex County Coordinator Dale Ashera-Davis has been conducting an hour-long English conversation group, each Tuesday night since August 2020, via Zoom. The group is designed to be fun and informative as well as a way to practice speaking and listening.  There are about 8 regular attendees as well as occasional drop ins, referred by their tutors, looking for additional practice.

The conversation group discusses an array of topics, with input of participants, relating to current events, family, as well as more educationally focused topics.  Participants receive follow up emails including a recap of discussion topics like grammar (e.g., nouns and verbs), information about current holidays, or a reminder to watch an event such as the Presidential Inauguration with an eye to discussing it at the next meeting. 

Recently conversation group participants were asked to bring an English word they have heard in the previous week, but did not understand, to the group for discussion.  “We have had some very interesting conversations (and some interesting pronunciations of unfamiliar words as well,” Dale reports.  Participants brought in words like ‘fang,’ (someone’s stepson lost a tooth), ‘deaf’, ‘often,’ ‘uncommon,’ and ‘photosynthesis’.  Dale sends out a follow up email with a list of the words that were learned in the conversation group for reference.  

Thank you to Dale for sharing her talents facilitating this wonderful group!